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External factors depleted the first 3 years gains of the NPP Government

External factors depleted the first 3 years gains of the NPP Government

The New Patriotic Party’s Director of Communications, Richard Ahiagbah, has lamented how external factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war have hampered the current administration’s development agenda.

He believes it would be unfair to evaluate the government’s performance without taking these factors into account.

“If we were talking between 2017 and 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic, no one would have predicted that we would someday find ourselves in this economy, given our growth trajectory.”

“We grew in the first three years of our first four-year term.” Then something happened in the fourth year. Our situation is analogous to a student who had excellent grades for the first three years but then became ill in the final year, affecting his punctuality and, ultimately, his academic performance. “Would we call him a bad student?”

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“This is precisely the situation in which the NPP finds itself. In having this conversation, people are prejudiced. We need to compare our records to those of the NDC and make an informed decision.”

He also accused some policy analysts of “picking and choosing the numbers or the parochial interests” and not being completely transparent to Ghanaians.

This, he believes, explains why most Ghanaians have a negative perception of the government.

“They knew where the numbers were when the economy picked up in 2016, but they remained silent on it.” Even now, we have first and second-quarter growth, but no one wants to talk about it because all they do is political advocacy and go around saying everything is bad. That is problematic; unfortunately, that is what we must deal with.”

Despite the challenges, the NPP Director of Communications is optimistic that the government will revive the economy.

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