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Employment promotion is the core mission of GIZ

Employment promotion is the core mission of GIZ

Joshua Ahiaba, the Bono Regional Adviser for the GIZ’s Migration and Employment Promotion Project, said that the project’s goal of empowering the labour department to perform well is employment promotion.

During a programme in Sunyani to educate the public about the detrimental effects of irregular migration, Joshua Ahiaba revealed this to the media.

Mr. Ahiaba pointed out that the GIZ is giving the Labour Department the tools it needs to perform well.

“Employment promotion is at the core of GIZ’s mission as a provider of services for international cooperation. According to data, one in three young people do not have a job, which is a serious problem. We are supporting the Labour Department in four areas because they are crucial to the promotion of employment in this nation: capacity building, infrastructure support, employment promotion, and awareness-raising and sensitization.

Promoting Employability and Employment in Ghana: Our Youth, Our Jobs, Our Future was the event’s theme.

The German organisation GIZ and the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations jointly organised a float in the Sunyani Municipality to raise awareness of the risks associated with irregular immigration.

One out of every three people, according to the data available, is unemployed, which is what fuels the region’s increasing irregular migration. Isaac Maalma-Kaminta, the Bono Regional Director of the Labour Commission, is urging the locals to use the labour department’s services.

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“The labour department has trained more than 5000 people in fashion, baking, and cosmetology with assistance from GIZ. The labour department’s services should be used by the public. This will significantly lessen irregular migration.

Ansu Kumi, the municipal chief executive of Sunyani East, stated that the assembly would work with the labour department to find a long-term solution to the municipality’s unemployment problem.

Similar exercises were conducted in the regional capitals of Techiman (Bono East) and Goaso (Ahafo)

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