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ECG should compensate customers impacted by technical difficulties

ECG should compensate customers impacted by technical difficulties

Kofi Kapito, Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer Protection Agency, is calling for compensation for Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) customers who have been impacted by the power distributing company’s technical difficulties.

Many ECG customers have been unable to purchase credit on their prepaid meters for the past three days, either through the ECG App or from vending machines.

Some customers have been stranded as a result of this situation, and some businesses have suffered as well.

In response to the situation, Kofi Kapito, CEO of the Consumer Protection Agency, stated that compensation packages for affected customers will be offered as a gesture of goodwill.

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“Return to some of the electricity credits or units that were given to them, because these are prepaid meters, not postpaid, so prepaid, you know exactly what to do if the person is buying 50 cedis, you can give them 5 cedis more as compensation.”

“This will demonstrate to the customers how important they are to you.”

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