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ECG boss admits their fault and apologizes to customers

ECG boss admits their fault and apologizes to customers

Mr Samuel Mahama, Managing Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), has apologized to all of the company’s customers for the power outage.

He admitted that the problem stemmed from the company’s inability to stay on top of its game.

On Monday, October 3, he told a press conference in Accra, “I sell electricity with a company called Electricity Company of Ghana.” “I admit, our company admits fault for not being able to provide service to customers; we are deeply sorry.” It was our fault for not being on top of our game when it came to providing a service. Let us not forget that in such a business, the customer is always the one who suffers when you fail to keep on your promises. So, when I said I admit my fault, I meant I admit my fault for not being able to deliver the service that we promised.”

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“I would like to apologize to all customers of the Electricity Company of Ghana who attempted to purchase power and were unable to do so, the company admits its fault, the company admits that it was unable to deliver on the service,” he said. However, the company would like all of its customers to be aware that the majority of vending machines are now operational. I used it mostly because we still have a few challenges to work on in the Ashanti region.

Hopefully, it will be resolved by the end of the day today.”

Most of the country’s power purchases were disrupted due to a technical fault, leaving customers frustrated.

On Saturday, October 1, the ECG informed customers that the problem had been resolved and that they could now purchase power.

“Customers can now purchase electricity credits from nearby vending points and all ECG District offices, including tomorrow, Sunday, October 2nd, 2022, from 9 AM to 4 PM,” according to the statement.

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