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E/R: Seized cars include the GES regional director’s

E/R: Seized cars include the GES regional director’s

A High Court order has impounded three vehicles belonging to the Eastern Regional Education Service in order to pay off a judgement debt owed by some teachers.

In relation to the judgement debt, the Ghana Education Service owes a total of GH3,471,240.
After GES failed to pay the judgement debt, the Koforidua High Court ordered that the vehicles be impounded.

Some 101 affected teachers in elementary and secondary schools who received appointment letters from 2012 to 2015 were only paid in 2016.

They took the case to court and prevailed.

Over 20 vehicles belonging to the Eastern Regional Education Service must be impounded and confiscated in order to pay off the debt owed by the 101 affected teachers.

The group, led by Eric Effah Darko, claims that all efforts to get the Eastern Regional Education Service to pay the judgement debt have failed, thus the action.

“We are 101 teachers, some from elementary and secondary schools; our appointment letters were issued between 2012 and 2015, but we began receiving pay in 2016.” We wrote several letters to GES requesting that they pay us, but all of their promises fell through.”

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“We took this action because, in 2019, we decided to fight for our rights,” he added. We hired a lawyer to represent us in court. Following GES’s refusal to comply with the court’s decision, we took action to impound four vehicles in May 2021, using court orders. They came to court to beg for forgiveness and promised to pay us, so the cars were released. We haven’t heard anything from them in over six months. Our attorney had to return to court for another order to impound the vehicles. We must be compensated. Anyone who treats us this way is being unjust.”

The cars of the Koforidua Regional Director, New Juaben South, Regional Sports, and Kwabeng SHS vehicles of the Eastern Regional GES have all been parked at the Koforidua High Court premises.


Source: 3news

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