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Dr Bawumia commissions 56.4km Hohoe-Jasikan-Dodo-Pepesu road

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President, has reiterated the government’s plans to build all roads in the country.

Despite the current economic challenges, the Nana Addo-Akufo administration, according to Dr Bawumia, is committed to constructing all roads in the country.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia said at the commissioning of a 56.4km Hohoe-Jasikan-Dodo-Pepesu road project that “construction of the Dodo-Pepesu road has improved accessibility to parts of the Oti region that were difficult to travel on some years ago.”

“The construction of the Jasikan-Dodo-Pepesu road has improved access between Jasikan and Kadjebi, which was previously difficult.” The regional minister emphasized how difficult it was to travel from Jasikan to Kadjebi. But it’s now a very smooth ride. Previously, vehicles became stuck on the road during the rainy season.”

Dr Bawumia claims that the Akufo-Addo administration has brought massive development to the Oti Region since its inception.

“The Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo government and the NPP have brought massive development to the Oti region.” First and foremost, we established the Oti Region, which is extremely important for development. And in doing so, we have brought many development projects, such as the revamping of the Chinderi vocational school and bringing in machinery, which is now among the best in any vocational institution in the country.”


“A court complex in Kadjebi with a bungalow for the judges is being completed,” Dr Bawumia added. We built the 56.4-kilometre Jasikan-Dodo-Pepesu road, we have one ambulance for each constituency, we are building a regional hospital, and we have four Agenda 111 hospitals in the Oti Region.

He did, however, point out that the rising cost of living in the country is a result of the global crisis, and that the NPP administration is constantly steering affairs to ensure Ghanaians have access to all amenities.

“We are moving this economy, we are changing it, and I am excited about its future.” We will be one of the world’s most digital economies. The cost of living has risen as a result of Covid and the Russia-Ukraine war. This is not a phenomenon unique to Ghana. The cost of living has risen all over the world, not just in Ghana.”

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“The problems we are experiencing in the country are the result of the Covid and Ukraine war and its aftermath.” But we are doing everything possible to keep the economy afloat.”


The Hohoe-Jasikan-Dodo Pepesu road, which is 56.4 kilometres long, is part of the Eastern Corridor Road, which connects the country’s southern and northern regions, as well as neighboring countries.

The road, which is also part of the Ghana Highways Authority Road Classification System, is part of the Master Project Support Agreement between the Ghana government and the Chinese company Sinohydro for the construction of a 441 km road, which includes the 56.4km Hohoe-Jasikan-Dodo Pepesu road.

Speaking at the event, Kwesi Amoako Atta, Minister for Roads and Highways, stated that the ministry, highways, highways authority, and other agencies are implementing various intervention methods to maintain and improve road conditions in the Oti Region.


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