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Disregard reports of a break-in at Trasacco Boss’s home

Disregard reports of a break-in at Trasacco Boss’s home
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The Ghana Police Service has denied reports that some police officers broke into the home of Trasacco Group Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ernesto Taricone.

The Police Service stated that it only went to Mr Taricone’s house to arrest a suspect suspected of being involved in land guard activities.

“The facts are that police carried out a probe into alleged land guard activities in Adjiriganor, an Accra suburb, which ultimately led to the arrest of five suspects: Akuribilla Annanfo, Razak Seidu, Abdulla Abdul Fatau, Baah Samuel, and Francis Agbevedor, as well as the retrieval of a Mossberg pump action gun loaded with ten rounds of BB cartridges from them.”

The suspects were charged with conspiracy to commit a crime and engage in land guard operations and were arraigned in Circuit Court 9 in Accra on August 26, 2022. They were placed in police custody by the court and ordered to appear again on August 30, 2022. Investigations revealed that the suspects’ illegal activities were outsourced to them by Mr Morris Ian of Trasacco Limited. As a result, the court issued a bench warrant for his arrest, according to a statement released by the Ghana Police Service.

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Following the suspect’s absence from Mr Taricone’s home, the Service has vowed to “continue to look.”

“When the police arrived at the house, they knocked on the door and someone came to assist them, informing them that Ian Morris was not at the residence at the time.” As a result, the police left a message for him, Morris, to report to the police.”

The Service has urged the public to “disregard and treat with contempt the baseless claims of police forceful entry and the alleged use of commandoes.”


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