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Dafeamakpor criticizes internal auditors

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Internal auditors have been criticized for their role in the financial violations that have occurred over the years from South Dayi MP Rockson Dafeamakpor.

Mr Dafeamakpor lamented that internal auditors were not doing enough to maintain internal control measures for public finances in response to the new Auditor General’s findings that highlighted additional violations in various government agencies.

The Auditor General, who sends men to audit these records as external auditors, “shouldn’t be detecting this volume [of breaches],” the MP stated. “They [internal auditors] are not doing their job.”

Martin Kpebu, a lawyer who appeared on the show, attempted to mount a defence for the internal auditors by claiming intervention from above.

“As a result, they’ve been somewhat muzzled. They exist, but they lack independence, are under-resourced, and are not properly motivated,” according to Mr Kpebu.

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Mr Dafeamakpor, on the other hand, argued that internal auditors should be more daring.

“Do your work and let the head of the entity deal with the issues,” he said.
“Then, when they appear before the Public Accounts Committee, they beg and promise not to do it again.” ”



Source: CitiTv


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