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Clashing Claws / Ongoing Stories

Clashing Claws – Chapter 3

Clashing Claws – Chapter 3


Copyright of Amara Ibeachum 

No part of this work should be copied without the permission of the author.


Chapter 3


Stacey recalled the image of Kevin jeering at her while she lay on the ground. She detested him and wished she could squeeze the life out of him.

“Jerk,” Stacey muttered to herself.

“What was that, honey?” Mrs. Jonathan asked.

“I said the pancakes taste great, mom,” she lied.

She forgot she was having breakfast with her mom.

“I’m glad you like it but you gotta put in a little speed, You know you’re taking the bus today.”

“Yeah sure, mom,” Stacey said, shoving the remainder of the pancakes into her mouth. She took the jar of water right in front of her and chugged down half the jar.

“Stacey! I didn’t say you should act like an animal.”

“I’m done,” Stacey said and fled the house with her backpack strapped to her back.  Stacey walked as fast as she could and boarded the bus like the others. She tried to catch her breath from all the running she did.

The bus driver waited a few more minutes before he shut the doors and drove. Stacy sat down with her eyes closed, still panting. She noticed someone walk up to her, and opened her eyes to see Steve standing in front of her.

“Hey, it’s you, from yesterday. I didn’t quite catch your name though.”

“It’s Stacey,” she said abruptly.

“Nice to meet you, Stacey. I’m Steve,” he stuck out his hand to Stacey for a handshake but she ignored him, turning her face to the window.

The drive to school was slower than Stacey had expected. Even her mom drove faster and she wasn’t that fast.

They soon arrived at school after which and the doors swung open for everyone to get off.

“Finally,” Stacey muttered.

“Stacey, wait up!” Steve yelled from behind her. He was caught in the rush of students outside. Stacey didn’t care to look back. The bell went off and everyone hurried to their classrooms. Stacey was already in class and watched the others drag their feet in. She saw Steve walk in and immediately looked away.

“Go away, go away, go away,” Stacey whispered repeatedly.

“Is this seat taken?” Steve asked.

“Are you stalking me?” Stacey asked Steve in a low tone.

“Stalking you? Nah. We just happen to take the same classes, I guess,” he slowly sat next to Stacey.

“Don’t sit next to me.” Stacey snapped.

“Well, all the other seats are taken,” Steve said, smirking.

Stacey did look around the class, and Steve was right. Every chair was occupied, leaving the one next to her vacant.

“You think you’re so funny-”

He smiled and turned his face to the front of the classroom. Stacey rolled her eyes and did the same.


There were two things Catherine was yet to tell Stacey– the real reason behind their move and Stacey’s real identity. Up until now Stacey had only been viewed as an ordinary human; but she was neither ordinary nor human.

Stacey too had her secrets. She was yet to tell her mum of the terrible nightmares she usually had at midnight. Or the fact that her nightmares were about herself.

She was a whole different person in her nightmares– red glowing eyes, razor sharp teeth, long nails and an unusual amount of fur. She had no grasp of what these dreams meant and would sometimes wake up scared to her wits. She usually had these nightmares on off nights or when she was moody. But they began to appear more often. What Stacey didn’t know was that her life was about to change forever.


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