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China: Police arrest 42 fugitives of economic crimes

China: Police arrest 42 fugitives of economic crimes

As a result of improved international cooperation between the Shanghai police in China and their counterparts abroad, 42 suspects of economic crimes who fled abroad have been apprehended and illegal profits totalling 140 million yuan ($20.65 million) have been seized so far this year.

Out of a total of 42 fugitives, 20 were captured during the three-month anti-crime campaign this summer from nine different foreign countries and areas, including 14 who were suspected of contract fraud and illegal business activities.

China’s Ministry of Public Security, July 2014 began its “Fox Hunt” nationwide campaign against fugitives of economic crimes who had fled overseas.

Over the last eight years, Shanghai’s public security departments have deployed 68 hunting teams overseas in batches, capturing 868 suspects of economic crimes from 47 nations and regions using means such as repatriation, extradition, and persuasion.

The longest time spent on the run of all the fugitives was one who had been wanted for 27 years before being apprehended.


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Under the direction and coordination of the Ministry of Public Security and with support from Chinese embassies abroad, the Shanghai police have been steadily enhancing international police cooperation despite the complex and dynamic nature of the international situation and the disparities in judicial systems.

They have asked that the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) issue Red Notices to more than 170 economic crime suspects who have fled overseas. They also sought collaboration with other nations’ law enforcement agencies to deal with the backlog of over 500 cases.

Also, in 2017 the Shanghai police successfully extradited economic fugitives from the United Arab Emirates with coordination of the Ministry of Public Security and the assistance of the Chinese Embassy in the United Arab Emirates.

And despite the difficulties that the global COVID-19 epidemic had posed to the hunt for fugitives in 2020, the Shanghai police remained resilient and set a new record of 128 consecutive days hunting for fugitives overseas.


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