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Child Rights International offers ¢10k bounty to find man in viral video

Child Rights International offers ¢10k bounty to find man in viral video

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a toddler being spanked, and Child Rights International has denounced the act.

The institution called the act regrettable in a press release that was signed by Bright Appiah, it’s executive director.

So, a $10,000 bounty has been placed on the man’s head.


Child Rights International places ¢10k bounty on head of man flogging toddler in viral video


The reward will be given, per the aforementioned release, following the Ghana Police Service’s verification of the supplied information.

Child Rights International, through the office of the Executive Director, publicly stakes a reward claim of $10,000 to any person who will be able to provide information that will lead to the location of the person in question, the person who recorded the video, and the person who was sitting and watching the scene unfold. This is done in support of the Ghana Police Service’s effort to locate the individual.

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Excerpts from the release stated that the reward “will be provided after such claims have been substantiated and verified as true by the Police and/or Social Welfare Department.”

It praised the Police for their prompt action in the meantime.

“First of all, we would like to highly commend and applaud the Ghana Police Service’s prompt response in attempting to locate the man seen in the video.”

Investigations into the situation have already been started by the Ghana Police Service.


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