IMF chief on 2023 economic outlook

During a speech in China on Sunday, the head of the International Monetary Fund called for greater vigilance over the global financial system, while also pointing to “green shoots” emerging in the world’s second-largest economy. “Risks to financial stability have increased,” said IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva at the China Development Forum in Beijing. Georgieva praised policymakers for acting quickly in response to the banking crisis, citing major centr...[Read More]

Taiwan to allow women into military reserve force training over China threat

Taiwan has announced that it will allow women into its military reserve force training due to the pressure mounted by the Chinese military. The defense ministry allowed the enrollment of about 200 discharged soldiers into voluntary reservist training for the first time to support the nation’s forces.  “This is the first year to include women in the reservist’s training so this year will be a trial program, we will plan the training capacities according to the number of applicants.” M...[Read More]

Former Afghan Mp Shot Dead In her Kabul Home

  Who Is Mursal Nabizada? – The Former Afghan Mp That Was Shot Dead In Kabul. Mursal Nabizada was an Afghan MP until 2021 when the Taliban seized power. According to a police report in Kabul, Mursal Nabizada, a former member of the Parliamentary in Afghanistan has been shot dead in her hometown in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan. Some other injuries that also follow the death of the popular lawmaker include the attack on her brother which inflicted severe injuries on him and th...[Read More]

Taliban use water cannon on women who oppose university ban

The Taliban used a water cannon to disperse a group of women protesting the ban on female university students in Afghanistan. A video posted on social media shows women hiding in a lane in the city of Herat to avoid a stream of water. Dozens of women holding a protest march could be heard shouting slogans including: “Education is our right”. In one video, women can be heard yelling, “The Taliban are cowards!” Women have also been barred from working for national and inter...[Read More]

The Taliban bans women from working for NGO’s

The United Nations has condemned the Taliban’s order prohibiting women from working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), saying it violated fundamental rights. The Islamist rulers justified the move by claiming that female NGO employees were violating dress codes by not wearing hijabs. The decree was issued just days after female students were barred from attending universities. The US Secretary of State also criticized the move saying it would be “devastating for the Afghan pe...[Read More]

Taliban detained women protesting against the university ban

The Taliban detained five women who were protesting the ban on women attending universities in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital. Three journalists have also been detained. Protests are also believed to have occurred in Takhar province. Hundreds of women were barred from entering universities on Wednesday, a day after the ban was announced. It is the most recent policy limiting women’s education since the Taliban retook power last year. Girls are already barred from attending most seconda...[Read More]

Taliban bans women from universities, sparking outrage

The Taliban have barred women from attending universities in Afghanistan, sparking international condemnation and despair among the country’s youth. On Tuesday, the higher education minister announced the reversal, stating that it would take effect immediately. The ban restricts women’s education even further; girls have already been barred from secondary schools since the Taliban’s return last year. On Wednesday, some women protested in Kabul, the capital. “Today, we are...[Read More]

Russian troops dig trenches to prepare for an invasion on Ukraine

According to a US think tank, Russian troops are digging trenches and fortifying their positions in eastern Kherson in preparation for a possible Ukrainian counteroffensive. After analyzing satellite imagery, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) concluded that the Russian military believes Ukrainian forces will eventually cross the Dnieper River and conduct counter-offensive operations in the region’s east. According to the ISW, this could jeopardize “all critical ground lines of...[Read More]

Russian atrocities have pulled NATO closer than ever before

Of course, no one in the soulless, concrete monolith that is Nato HQ here in Brussels expresses happiness about the current situation in Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But they are quick to tell you how surprised, amazed, or encouraged they are, and how “very” united the alliance is. And, for example, transatlantic and EU-NATO cooperation on sanctions against Russia has been so smooth, however, this is not always the case. “If you had asked me in February,...[Read More]

China: Police arrest 42 fugitives of economic crimes

As a result of improved international cooperation between the Shanghai police in China and their counterparts abroad, 42 suspects of economic crimes who fled abroad have been apprehended and illegal profits totalling 140 million yuan ($20.65 million) have been seized so far this year. Out of a total of 42 fugitives, 20 were captured during the three-month anti-crime campaign this summer from nine different foreign countries and areas, including 14 who were suspected of contract fraud and illegal...[Read More]

FBI links Hushpuppi to North Korean hackers

The FBI today linked Nigerian Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, a.k.a Hushpuppi, who is currently incarcerated in California awaiting trial for cyber fraud, to North Korean hackers who are said to be the world’s biggest bank robbers. In a detailed statement issued Friday, the Justice Department stated that Mr Abbas was involved in a “North Korean-perpetrated cyber-enabled heist from a Maltese bank in February 2019.” His role was as a collaborator with Ghaleb Alaumary, a North Korean money ...[Read More]