Belly Fat and You – The Scientific way

A large amount of belly fat can increase your risk of developing certain chronic diseases. You can lose belly fat by drinking less alcohol, eating more protein, and lifting weights, to name a few strategies. Belly fat is more than just an annoyance that makes your clothes feel too small. It’s extremely dangerous. Visceral fat, one type of belly fat, is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. Body mass index (BMI) is used by many health organizations to...[Read More]

Things that put your gut bacteria at risk

Over 100 trillion bacteria, known as “gut flora,” live in the human gut. Having healthy gut flora is critical to your overall health. Surprisingly, many dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors can all have a negative impact on your gut bacteria. The What and the Why Your gut contains hundreds of different types of bacteria. Some are pleasant, while others are not. The majority of bacteria in the gut are classified as Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, Actinobacteria, or Proteobacteria....[Read More]

The Ghanaian giant reported to be the world’s tallest man

When I heard rumours about a new contender for the world’s tallest man in northern Ghana, I decided to investigate. The only issue? He’s being measured. During one of his recent check-ups, a local hospital in northern Ghana informed 29-year-old Sulemana Abdul Samed that he had reached a height of 9 ft 6in (2.89m). This would make him the tallest man on the planet, but there was a catch: the rural clinic couldn’t be sure of his height because it lacked the necessary measuring eq...[Read More]

Ghana to Paris: How Modern Natured created its Fashion Collection in 8 days

Emma Okyere, the founder of Modern Natured, created her debut fashion collection, The Genesis Collection, in Ghana in just eight days. Fashion collections are typically created once a year. Everyone’s journey, however, is unique. Modern Natured had just over a week to finalize its Spring/Summer 2023 Couture, The Genesis Collection, for its debut at Paris Fashion Week 2022 at La Galerie Bourbon last month. Read further to find out how the founder created and finalized her fashion collection...[Read More]

24-Year-Old Student Gives Birth to Quintuplets

Oluomachi Nwoye, a 24-year-old final-year student at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture (MOUAU) in Abia state, gave birth to quintuplets at the Federal Medical Centre Umuahia. The quintuplets, who were born at 9:15 p.m. on Monday, October 3, are said to be the first set of quintuplets to be delivered at the medical center. According to the Vanguard, the two boys are receiving special care at the hospital’s “in-born unit.” Mrs. Priscilla Nwojo, Oluomachi’s mother, ap...[Read More]

Biker man transformed into a model

Meet Alber Noir, a biker from Doula who became a picture model and the official face of the Carters III Be Spoke collection in association with Walk To Paris by Sawali Noir x SULET NOIR. This fashion sensation has gone viral when his fashion firm announced him as the face of Carter season 3 collections. Walk To Paris by Sawali Noir x SULET NOIR is an excellent Cameroonian fashion brand that found and transformed the random bike man Alber Noir into a fashion sensation. Also read this: South Sudan...[Read More]

Ghana: Tallest man drops out of school over his feet size

A young resident of Ho, the Volta Region’s capital, who is 7.10 feet tall, has complained that his height has become an inconvenience in his life to the point where he had to drop out of school because he couldn’t find sandals or shoes for his large feet. After dropping out of Primary 5 in Ziope in the Agortime Ziope District, the young man identified as Charles Sogli, popularly known as ‘Charles taller,’ is now a welding apprentice in Ho. “I dropped out of school a...[Read More]

Susie Bubble’s insights on the business of fashion, the internet, and corporate style

Millions of Ghanaians fled to the internet when the pandemic began, resulting in the meteoric rise of Zionfelix, GhKwaku, RonnieIsEverywhere, thousands of Instagram shops, and tens of thousands of social media influencers. The internet was unavoidable during the lockdown. In the short term, the impact on retailers has been divided. Those selling necessities such as food and cleaning supplies were in high demand. Non-essential retailers, such as those selling clothing and accessories, were forced...[Read More]