Love me again

Love Me Again – Episode 7

EPISODE 7 By: Loudest Thoughts “Appreciate even your partner’s worst characteristics; if you try to change them, you may lose them; it’s okay to point them out occasionally.” It was a Saturday, so I expected her to oversleep like she usually does, but I was surprised to wake up without Barbara beside me, snoring away. I thought I was keeping an eye on her when I carried her in last night. Did I sleep off? ” I questioned myself. I went down to the living room and loo...[Read More]

Love Me Again – Episode 6

EPISODE 6 By: Loudest Thoughts “Egos are deal breakers, don’t carry them with you everywhere.” Barbara knocked on my door in the middle of the night during the second week of our fight. “Please open the door, Clyde.” She mumbled. “What do you want?” I thundered.  “I’m not in the mood for sex.” “Look, I’m sorry for speaking to you the way I did last week.” “And?” I managed to ask her softly. “I want you to know that I love you, and if I have t...[Read More]

Love Me Again – Episode 5

  EPISODE 5 By: Loudest Thoughts   “Trust is like a pencil, when the edge gets broken, you can sharpen it to a point, but once it gets to the extreme where there is nothing left to sharpen; you lose everything or you tell yourself I got to keep trusting” I can still recall yelling when I got home one evening. “Babs, where were you today?” I said with a snort. She glared at me in disbelief, “I spent the entire day at home doing your laundry.” “Are you lying to me right now?” “When have ...[Read More]

Love Me Again– Episode 4

EPISODE 4 By: Loudest Thoughts   “After spending an eternity with that someone, there would still be the little things you would need to learn about them over time” This is how it has been after about 3 years of us living together: I suddenly get offended over things I used to laugh at when we were still new to our marriage, and I couldn’t help but conclude that after 2 years of marriage, I outgrew those feelings I had. Barbara and I dated for a year before marrying in our second year, and...[Read More]

Love Me Again– Episode 3

EPISODE 3 By: Loudest Thoughts     “A little patience to listen and understand why things happen is a blessing” FAST FORWARD TO THE EARLIER MORNING “Your wife is around,” My secretary said over the intercom. I had rushed out of the home without breakfast and was at my office when Barbara came in with a lunch box and a sad face. “Clyde, I brought you lunch and I apologize that it occurred again.” She said and I requested her to leave it on the table while leaving her perplexed in...[Read More]

Love Me Again– Episode 2

EPISODE 2    By: Loudest Thoughts   “You feel it’s right when fate decides” I ran across Barbara in my hotel hallway a week later. I actually went to that hotel to meet with a business associate. I immediately lost sight of why I had gone to the hotel, and rushed toward her, even though doing so would have prevented me from accomplishing the main purpose of my trip. I’ve been longing to see her again ever since our first encounter, so on that particular day, for some reason, I left everyth...[Read More]

Love Me Again – Episode 1

  EPISODE 1 By: Loudest Thoughts “Time is everything in marriage” CLYDE’S POV “Gosh, it’s already 6:30 a.m. I managed to mumble, “Damn it,” as I reached for my alarm. “Why didn’t you wake me up, Babs?” I asked my drowsy wife, who was barely able to keep her eyes open. I ignored her and dashed to the bathroom; in a matter of minutes, I was out with my briefcase and car keys. “I’m sorry, darling, but breakfast will be ready in five minutes.” She yelled, but...[Read More]