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Brother Sammy clarifies his proposal to Diana Asamoah

Brother Sammy clarifies his proposal to Diana Asamoah

Samuel Opoku, popularly known as ‘Brother Sammy,’ a Kumasi-based gospel artiste, has revealed the trick that influenced colleague singer Diana Asamoah to accept his proposal. Also read:  

In an interview with Roselyn Felli on Prime Morning, he said that complimenting Diana on her cuteness convinced her to say ‘yes.’

According to Brother Sammy, when Diana heard the compliment, she was blown away, which led her to accept his proposal for them to marry.

According to him, the singer had never received such a compliment before, so when it fell from his lips, she agreed for them to marry and settle down.

‘I told her she’s cute, and she said ‘waow,’ said Brother Sammy on Wednesday.

He also stated that his presence in Diana Asamoah’s life is what triggered the Evangelist’s recent fashionable looks, which has set social media abuzz.

According to reports, the two are planning to marry on December 24th of this year.

Meanwhile, Brother Sammy’ has advised single suitors to be patient and avoid rushing into marriage.

Marriage, he believes, is a complex enterprise that requires prospective participants to take their time and make sound decisions.

On Prime Morning, he described marriage as a “cage,” which has caused many people problems.

Admonishing the general public, he added that he would prefer childbirth to marriage.

“Marriage is cool, but my advice to everyone is to not rush into it.” Marriage is a prison. Don’t rush into marriage because some people who have married have died.

“Many people have died as a result of marriage.” In my opinion, children are more important than marriage. Giving birth is preferable to getting married.

Because if you get sick today, your child will be there to help you. “However, your spouse may abandon you in times of illness and seek another partner,” he said on Wednesday.

Brother Sammy, as he is affectionately known, first appeared on the scene about a decade ago and is now known for his soul-stirring Twi tunes, which always endear him to his audience.

The late Prophet Seth Frimpong, a Kumasi-based singer, mentored him on his way to stardom in Ghana.

In the early stages of his career, he collaborated with other prominent names in the local gospel industry, including Ernest Opoku and Oware Junior.

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