He returned my bride price and I moved on – Update

                      Make it make sense!                                                             ♥♥   I wrote to you a few months ago about my husband returning my bride price and moving a woman into our home. Well, this is just an update on how things turned out. I’ve moved out with my son and the unborn baby; I decided I was going to keep it. Both families met in recent months to talk. Uncles from his side tried to get him to give reasons for what he did, but my ex could not. Yes Ex! – Divorce is in motion. He said, “I did nothing wrong” and that a man should be allowed to marry more than he should. And if I don’t like it, I should leave. He even brought his new woman to our meeting. It was very disrespectful, and guess what he just had to rub...[Read More]

Love, Coconuts, and Drools

          Love, Coconuts, and drools.                                   ♥♥ When we got married, it was a means to an end. I mean, we didn’t even like each other that much. I met Joe in a “trotro.” I was in the car when he came in, sweating profusely. When I saw him drenched in sweat, I shifted to cover the empty space available so he wouldn’t fill the spot beside me. Our eyes met for a second, and I gave him a scornful look, but he still dragged himself to sit beside me. The next minute he was calling the “choofi” seller from the window side, where I sat. “Pass me the choofi” (turkey butt), he said authoritatively. The traffic was hectic that morning, and he dozed off after eating his “turkey butt,” then drooled all over me. I was...[Read More]

He returned my bride price and moved her into our bed

             Make it make sense!                                                  ♥♥ ​My husband told me he was visiting my folks to pick up our son. – We sent him over to my parents for a vacation. ​ ​Unknowingly, he went there with only one intention- To return my bride price. He succeeded in leaving the items at my parents’ door and came back home without our son. My parents called to ask why he returned the items but he’s been avoiding their calls and I, on the other hand, couldn’t give them an answer because I was busy dealing with my emotions. Guess what? He didn’t come back alone. He came with another woman. She literally moved in that night and I’ve never been the same. It’s been a few weeks and I’ve not asked him who she is and he ha...[Read More]

His mother has to go

Make it make sense!              ♥♥ He wants me to tell his mother it’s time to leave. My husband isn’t talking to me right now because I refuse to send his mother away. Why do I have to be the one to tell his mother to leave? She came to visit us last year and has since refused to leave and somehow my husband thinks it’s my responsibility to ask her to. His reason for wanting her gone is – she keeps bothering me about kids. Funny enough, her son is the one with the problem. So if she leaves- he can avoid admitting he’s the one with the problem and not his wife. According to him- if he does, it would taint his reputation and ruin his family. I asked him, “how about my reputation?” “We’re not technically related.”- So you’d g...[Read More]

My mother-in-law said to me: You smell awful

Make it make sense!               ♥♥ Mother-in-law says I stink. She told me this, a day before my wedding to her son. I’ve not been the same ever since. My husband has noticed the change in me and I haven’t been able to bring myself to tell him what happened. – It’s been 3 months since we walked down the aisle and I’ve changed my perfume five times already. The worse part is – she didn’t stop there. When we got back from our honeymoon, she was waiting for us at home. I reached out for a hug but she pulled away. “Do you still smell?” – That was what she said after pulling away. Then my husband walked in at the moment. She left the next morning not after she told me – you still stink. Get yourself checked out. No one has ever...[Read More]

My Fiancée eats too much

  Make it make sense!             ♥♥ My girlfriend overeats! Our wedding has been postponed because I dislike her eating habits. Nasty- as in she eats way too much food. We went out to eat as a family once, and my siblings were laughing at me because she ate everything that night. I was embarrassed, so I whisked her away from that dinner. I love her! – That hasn’t changed, but how do I deal with her terrible eating habits? The wedding is on hold because I can’t see myself going to parties and meetings with her. She’d undoubtedly embarrass me. The thing is, if she ate with a “class,” I’d find it appealing, but the noise that comes with it is extremely irritating to the ear. Do I always leave her at home when I make the decision to marry? We tal...[Read More]

I think my wife is weird

Make it make sense!                      ♥♥ My wife is weird. –  How weird, doesn’t even make sense. We’ve been on this journey for 8 years now. Two kids together and everything was wrong from the start. Nope!  She wasn’t a virgin. She told me that much. I wanted us to wait when we were dating. She said – “You probably don’t have a manhood.” So, I obliged and we had sex, just one time before we settled down two years after. On our honeymoon – nothing happened. A day before our wedding, she came into my hotel room in the middle of the night – she said,” Let’s do it one more time.” “Come on, just 12 hours more- we can do this all our lives,” I said at that time and she left. Our wedding was successful b...[Read More]

My Hubby Does Not Want A Vasectomy.

   Make it make sense!                ♥♥ My hubby does not want a vasectomy. We committed to three children and a vasectomy before getting married. Vasectomy because he has a better chance of getting it reversed. But ten years later, he wants a fourth child and refuses to have a vasectomy. We’re fairly content, and a fourth child isn’t an issue here, but his insistence that I get a TBL if I don’t want further children is.   Also read this: Love Me Again– Episode 2   I gave him two options: a fourth kid and a vasectomy, or no more babies and he gets to maintain his dignity. Yes! Dignity because, he asserted, a vasectomy would strip away his dignity. I just don’t understand why most partners change their minds after marriage. What should I do?   &n...[Read More]