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Blemished love / Epic Tales / Ongoing Stories

Blemished Love – Chapter 1

Blemished Love – Chapter 1

Copyright © 2018 by Loudest Thoughts

No part of this work is to be copied or distributed without the prior written permission of the author

Synopsis: When loving someone seems like a bed of roses until it hits you so hard that you wish you hadn’t taken your vows just yet.



“Yes, I do,” he replied with a grin.

He’s tall and slim, with clean-shaven beards, dressed in a white suit, while his soon-to-be wife was dressed to the nines in a stunning white gown studded with diamond stones.

Her heels gave her an extra boost of height, as she is the petite type with a beautiful face. Her red lips and round hips are her best features. While her husband had brown eyes, she had blue eyes, which could light up a whole room of darkness.

They always teased each other about their features and made fun of who was taller and shorter.

“Grissel, do you take this man as your lawful wedded husband?” the priest asked again for the second time.

Grissel was deep in thought.

“Babes, are you okay?”

Tom, her soon-to-be husband, asked with a shoulder tap. He was every lady’s dream, but that morning he belonged to his shy and gentle heartthrob.

“Huh!” she exclaimed.

“The priest asked a question,” he announced with a frown.

“I’m sorry,” she said, not to anyone in particular.

Among the crowd were murmurings as to why she was so lost in her thoughts.

“We can continue,” she quietly announced to the old priest reading the vows.

They wrote their own vows, but Grissel told him that morning when she sat beside him during the service that she had forgotten what she memorized. Tom didn’t want to sound angry on his long-awaited happy day, so he quickly arranged for the church vows.

Tom glanced at her with an expression that informed her she was in for a lot of trouble. She was already having trouble picturing their honeymoon, as she was not sure what to expect.

She was still in her thoughts when the smooth voice of the priest jerked her out.

“Do you take this man as your law…?” The priest was cut short.

Her small, red lips separated quickly.”Yes, I do.”

Soon enough, the church came to an end, and the second part began.

Her husband was making faces at her, making it difficult for her to blend in.

Like earlier on the dance floor, he totally ignored her when she asked what he was doing; he could only manage a sigh.

“Were you having second thoughts?” he finally asked when they retired to their chairs.

The noise and cheers from friends and family gave her headaches, but she managed a frown.

“That’s what I thought,” he concluded for her.

”No, I wasn’t Tom’, I just wa….”

“Tom, can you tell us how you met this angel?” The MC asked while the crowd cheered.

He hesitated for a while, but Grissel gave him a slight touch on the thighs, and he feigned a smile.

“Please don’t do this to me!” She whispered.


Tom picked up the microphone and cleared his throat. “So there was this day my car broke down in the middle of nowhere. I called my family and friends, who were all far away, and then my phone beeped, and it was Austin calling.”

The crowd murmured. “Smile, Tom,” Grissel whispered.

“Okay, my wife just whispered, “I love you.” Everyone laughed, and as usual, the boys in the far corner were making noise.

Tom was lucky to have both American and African friends, so his normal day as a man full of dreams who had lots of girls flocking around him wasn’t boring.

‘Go on.’ The MC encouraged

“Austin said he had a friend who was closer, so he was going to send the person to pick me up.” He forgot to mention it was a female. He paused and feigned a smile. “About thirty minutes later, this black beauty with her shades on pulled up and asked me to join her ride.” I bluntly told her I wasn’t waiting for an escort, then she mentioned that Austin sent her.

“So, at first sight, you thought she was a call girl.” The MC interrupted.

“Yes, I mean, she wasn’t dressed as one, but she was a beauty.”

“And you assumed every escort is a beauty.” The MC scoffed this time.

“Aren’t they all beautiful?” There was distant laughter from within the crowd.

“But mind you, my wife is the prettiest.” He feigned a smile at her and looked straight at the MC, who was standing in front of his table.

“So, what happened after that?”

“The drive home was quiet, and I figured she was the quiet type.” Tom grinned. I’m not sure if she noticed that I was stealing glances and sweating. I felt ready for marriage that very moment; you could call it “love at first sight.”

“Wow, love at first sight.” The MC retreated.

“When I alighted, I had to apologize for thinking she was an escort.” She just smiled and drove off. Tom grinned at this point. “I remember calling my aunty about this girl giving me sleepless nights; she just laughed, knowing how flirtatious I can be.” “When I told her this one was real, she didn’t believe me.”

“So, you had a lot of girls, huh?”

“Trust me, I’ve got more than you can imagine,” he said, “but everything changed in Grissel’s car.” “I was attracted to her and wasn’t sure if it was her beauty because she didn’t speak a word in there with me.”

“And you didn’t take her number, Tom?”

“I knew I’d see her again, and luckily, Austin invited her to one of our regular drink outings a few weeks later.”

“And there you have your chance.”

“You should have seen me that day.” I told Austin, “Look, man, I hope this girl isn’t your wife.” He replied with a smile, and my world fell apart.

“You thought you lost her?” he asked.

“Yes, he should have just given me an answer to my question.” I finally had to talk to him again, and he said, “She’s all mine, but I wouldn’t like what I see.”

“What does he mean you wouldn’t like what you see?” Was Grissel some sort of hard nut to crack?

“A very tough one; it took me two years, and here we are today.” She turned out to be the gentle and stubborn type who had probably met some obstinate men along the way, so she chose to be reserved.

Tom hadn’t noticed Grissel pushing her tears back at that moment.

“So how do you feel today?” The MC and everyone’s eyes were fixated on him.

He looked around, confused.

“Tom, how do you feel after cracking the nut?”

“Wait for it.” I’m looking for the right word. He laughed.

“Listen, everyone, I think the man of the moment has something up his sleeve.” The crowd cheered.

“I can call you Danny, right?” He asked the MC.

“Yeah, sure,” he replied.

“When you were a child, you always wanted a toy, right?”

“Yes, at some point,” Danny replied and wasn’t sure where Tom was going with that.

“Do you always get your toys that easily?” Tom looked Danny straight in the eyes, probably to find out if he was telling lies.

“Not by chance, it takes a miracle to get my desired toys.”

“How do you feel any time your parents deny your request?” Tom asked again.

“I cry and make a scene.”

“Great, and now that you are of age, how do you feel?”

“Gosh, I can get the whole damn world if I so wish,” Danny responded with a smile.

“There you have your answer.” “Not to say my wife is a toy, but I used to cherish my toys back then.” My family can attest to that. He glanced at his family.

Julia and Melisa smiled from where they sat. “That’s true,” Julia shouted out.

“I can buy the whole dam world with Grissel by my side.” He turned to Grissel, who had supported her jaw with her hands while watching Tom speak.

“Aww, that’s a nice one.” Danny blushed.

He turned to his friend and said, “Austin, I will cherish this toy you brought into my life, and I promise never to make her cry, so you can stop doing due diligence anytime you and I quarrel.”

“Got it, boss.” Austin shouted from the far-right corner while everyone else laughed.

“Grissel, do you have anything to add?” I mean, your husband just promised you the whole damn world.

She just broke down in tears. Tom wasn’t sure if he should hug her at that moment because, aside from the nice things he said, which were from his heart, he was still confused about her reaction in the church auditorium.

“OMG, he just made her cry when he promised earlier never to make her cry.” Danny teased.

He knew Grissel wasn’t the type to show affection in public, so he wiped her eyes with the back of his hands and gripped her tightly.

“Austin, don’t come for my head yet; that wasn’t me.” I guess she meant to say, “I love you.” Tom made everyone laugh with tears at that point.

“Now, that’s love.” That came from someone in the crowd.

“Grissel, congratulations,” her elder sister said as she embraced her.

That was the last time they spoke before the party came to an end.


The drive to their matrimonial home was quiet, as Tom appeared to be still upset about his wife’s reaction in church.

Tom and Grissel never had a thing for honeymoons out of town. They both agreed on spending a night in their new home.

The movers brought their things in two weeks before their wedding, while they both supervised the interior decorator who worked on the arrangements.

They had the bedroom decorated specially for the wedding night, where they both stayed away before the wedding. She did a good job with the shades of blue in the room.

Soon they arrived at their gate, where their driver for that day got down to open up the gate.

On other days, Tom would have rushed to open the door for her to get down, but he just got out of the car and walked into the house, but it almost seemed as if something else was bothering him.

Grissel shook her head while walking briskly to meet him inside on his way up.

“You practically tried to hurt my lips with that violent kiss,” she said when the door closed behind them.

“What are you insinuating, Grissel?”

“All I’m saying is you tried to hurt me back there in church.”

“Okay, I’m sorry.”

‘Just that?’

“What else do you want me to say, Grissel?”

“You can start with the reason why you hurt my lips.”

“After all the nice things I said out there from my heart, all you could think of right now is hurt lips.”

“Yes, it’s equally important, and I want to know why you hurt me.”

“Maybe you can start with why you forgot our vows when you told me last night you memorized them?”

“It just happened, Tom, but right now we are not talking about that but my lips.”

Tom turned and looked at her standing in the middle of the hall as if she were glued to that spot. He realised her constant mention of hurting her lips wasn’t the problem, but rather her walking upstairs. His wife was scared.

He walked closer to her and reached out for her lips. Tom had always been the first to say sorry since he had anger issues like his dad. So that moment wasn’t different, as he’s been trying so hard over the years not to become like his dad.

“Look, it’s true, I hurt your lips.” Forgive me. He held her head and brought his lips onto hers, giving her a passionate kiss just the way she liked it.

Tom broke the kiss after a few minutes. “There you go, does that make up for what I did?”

She nodded cockily and still stood in the same spot she had been since they came in.

He watched her fumble with her hands, and the next thing she knew, Tom had carried her up the stairs. He dropped her at the front door and locked it.

“Why do you have to carry me here?”

“Because that is what newlyweds do, and this is your room now.”

“Oh, right, I forgot.” She feigned a smile.

“Now that you know, can you freshen up?” “I will be waiting for you.”

Tom winked, giving her a clue.

‘What for?’ She asked naively.

“Our wedding night.”

“Please, I’m tired.” “Can’t we postpone?” She asked with fear lacing her voice.

“That wasn’t what we agreed on, Grissel.”

“I know I said no sex before marriage, and now we are married, but I’m tired tonight.”

Tom shook his head as he watched his twelve-hour-old wife shyly undress while concealing her body beside him. He decided to let it go, as she was worth the wait.

He had attempted to initiate sex during courtship for as long as he could remember, but his wife refused. Tom loves and adores Grissel, so he had to let her win all the time, as he was about to do now.

“Alright, I can wait one more night, Grissel.”

“Thank you, Tom.” “I know it’s selfish of me, but you are the best.” She smiled happily.

He gave her a sad look, stripped naked, and walked to the bathroom holding his boxers.

“Love, you have a call,” Grissel shouted out to him minutes later.

“Okay, just a minute,” he said, coming out with drops of water on his face. He picked up his phone and hit the recall button.

“Hello,” he said to the other caller. The rest was him nodding his head and then hanging up.

“Why didn’t I do this sooner?” He spoke to himself in hushed tones that her wife couldn’t understand.

“Tom, is everything okay?” Grissel asked when she saw how he sat abruptly on the bed.

“Yeah, just work.”

But he felt an adrenaline surge through his body, and he couldn’t wait any longer. He closed his eyes, opened them immediately, and tried to walk closer to her.

She turned around and was startled.

“Jeez, Tom, you scared me.” She said this with her hand across her chest because she wasn’t finished undressing and didn’t want to appear self-conscious about her body.

“I’m sorry about the church; I should have paid attention last night when you were fidgeting over what your first night would be like.”

“Yeah, you should have; maybe I wouldn’t have gone to church today thinking about it.” She replied with fear.

“Forgive me, can we take it slow now?” He said this while caressing her hands, which he had earlier held when she became startled.

He always had a way with his words. Grissel has always found solace in his words since they met.

But she noticed he was tired and angry, even when he was trying to charm her.

“Tom I’m sorry; you just have to wait for tomorrow. “I thought we had agreed earlier to let it go for tonight.”

“Come on, Grissel, this is so childish; we are married for heaven’s sake.”

She walked into the restroom, ignoring his rants.

Grissel came back in her long red nightgown and sat on their bed.

Tom has a thing for Red’s. At that moment, he wasn’t thinking right; he walked closer to his wife, who was about to pray.

Grissel was caught off guard; all she could see was her nightgown being ripped off, her strength slowly fading, and Tom doing his own press-up on top of her.

She yelled at him to reconsider. She cried loudly and tried throwing tantrums. He seemed to have heard her pleas, so he paused at a point and took it slow while still pinning her down.

The room went dark as if her yells had the ability to turn off the power, but she just hadn’t noticed her hands hitting the external light switch.

She tried to push him away, but his strength was much greater than hers.

Her sobs filled the room, and her tears soiled her face. She has no idea what else soiled the bed, but she could feel it so wet.

At one point, he let go of her, and Grissel had a perfect opportunity to flee, but she looked into his eyes through her teary eyes, and their gazes met.

She saw pure lust in his eyes, but there was a certain feeling running through her body at that moment, and she felt she wasn’t a victim anymore.

Tom looked away and forgot he had released his grip earlier. He kissed her slowly from the neck region to her chest.

She thought for a moment about what she had to lose when he hasn’t complained for the past few minutes. It seems what she was afraid of didn’t matter to Tom at all.

Grissel moaned away through her sobs, though in pain, but responded to every touch and thrust.

He gave his final thrust and collapsed on her.

She pushed him off with a certain force and gathered the sheet to cover herself.

She was in a semi-sitting position while her husband pushed up his pants and sat at the edge of the bed with his hands on his head.

“Are you satisfied?” she managed to ask after a long sigh and tears.

She picked herself up from the bed gently and struggled through her walk to the bathroom unclad.

She spent almost the rest of the evening in the bathtub.

“Did I just get defiled by my husband?” She forced a smile. She wasn’t sure why she smiled that way when she was in tears earlier.

Grissel shook her head, then her eyes fell on the medicine bottle on the bathroom shelf. She got out of the tub and picked it up, reading the inscription on it carefully.

Her eyes lit up with joy as she took out three capsules and dropped them in her mouth. She re-entered the tub, fetched the running water into her mouth, and swallowed so hard.

After a few minutes of trying to wash the sweat off her body, she got out and wiped herself dry. With her towel wrapped around her body, she came out still struggling to walk.

Grissel realised Tom had already changed the sheets and was fast asleep. That made her wonder how long she spent in the bathroom.

She let out a heavy sigh and picked up her pillow, heading out of her room, when she remembered Tom hadn’t said anything since the act. He just went to sleep.

Grissel looked back at her husband, who was coiled under the duvet and walked back. “I can’t let two years of hard work go down the drain.” She muttered painfully.

She stood at her side of the bed and glared at him, then laid herself gently beside him.

“Forgive Grissel, you were at fault too.” She murmured to herself and pulled the duvet over her head.

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