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Bawku: Mamprugu youth and chiefs march to demand justice

Bawku: Mamprugu youth and chiefs march to demand justice

Chiefs and youth from Mamprugu in the North East Region marched through the capital, Nalerigu, to express their dissatisfaction with the treatment of their family members in Bawku.

The youth, known as GBWAA BISI YIRI, expressed concern about how their relatives were ambushed and killed, urging the President to take the security situation in Bawku and other chieftaincy conflict areas more seriously.

They claim that politicians in the Mamprugu Traditional Area, as well as the President, have been silent on the security situation in Bawku and Lukula since November last year, despite calls for an immediate end to the attacks on descendants of NAA GBEWAA.

They reminded the government of Articles 270 and 273 of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution, which specify which institutions are responsible for dealing with chieftaincy issues; for that matter, interfering in chieftaincy matters by the president and his ministers is unconstitutional.

In a petition to the president, the GBEWAA BISI YIRI reminded him of a 1983 ruling by the judicial committee of the National House of Chiefs that stated that the Bawku skin and the NAYIRI must be allowed to enskin a new Bawku Naba despite Abugrago Azoka II being gazetted as the chief of Bawku Traditional Area.

The group outlined several incidents that took the lives of their loved ones during the Bawku chieftaincy conflict and demanded justice for them so that they could rest in peace wherever they may be eternally.

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The group also wants an update on the committee looking into boundary issues between the North East Region and the Savannah Region in the vicinity of Lukula and its environs.
Thousands of young people, including several chiefs from Mamprugu, took part in the massive demonstration in Nalerigu.

The protesters then went to the king of Mamprugu, Nayiri Mahami Sheriga Bohagu, to express their displeasure with the Bawku chieftaincy conflict.

The NAYIRI urged the youth to be patient and let the state handle the situation, adding that his revered office is also working hard to resolve all chieftaincy and land issues in Mamprugu, including Bawku.

The group made several demands to the president, which they expect to be met within the next 72 hours.
On behalf of the president, the demonstrators finally delivered their seven-page petition to the North East Regional Minister.

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