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Bagre Dam spillage: 28 districts set to be affected

Bagre Dam spillage:  28 districts set to be affected
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The ongoing Bagre Dam spillage is expected to directly affect 28 districts across seven regions.

In a statement, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) outlined the five Northern Regions, the Northern parts of the Oti Region, and the Afram Plains of the Eastern Region in this regard.

The Bagre dam is spilt from neighbouring Burkina Faso on an annual basis to prevent the dam’s banks from breaking.
“The downstream consequences of this spillage in Ghana include the potential overflow of the banks of the White and Black Volta,” NADMO said in a statement.

In this regard, NADMO has once more advised all communities that are situated along these rivers’ banks to relocate to safer areas that have been designated in the impacted areas.

NADMO will set a camp in Walewale in the North-East Region in cooperation with the Marine Police and the 48 Engineers Regiment of the Ghana Army.

The organization has previously struggled to develop sufficient relief supplies to care for all people who might be impacted by the spills.


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The affected districts are:



1. Karaga District

2. Nanumba South District

3. Tolon District

4. Kumbugu District

5. Savelugu Municipal

6. Nanton District

7. Yendi Municipal


8. Bawku West District

9. Binduri District

10. Talensi District


11. Nandon District

12. Lawra Municipal

13. Nadowli District

14. Wa West District


15. East Mamprusi Municipal

16. West Mamprusi Municipal

17. Mamprugu Moagduri District

18. Chereponi District

19. Bunkpurugu/Nakpanduri District


20. East Gonja Municipal

21. Bole District

22. West Gonja District


23. Nkwanta North District

24. Krachi East Municipal

25. Krachi West District

26. Krachi Nchumuru District


27. Kwahu Afram Plains North District

28. Kwahu Afram Plains South District



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