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Article 71 needs immediate review – Dr. John Kwakye

Article 71 needs immediate review – Dr. John Kwakye

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) is arguing for a re-examination of Article 71 of the 1992 Constitution.

The salaries and allowances of the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary paid from the Consolidated Fund would be determined by the President, based on the recommendations of a committee of not more than five people appointed by him and acting on the advice of the Council of State, according to Article 71 (1) and (2) of the 1992 Constitution.

In a tweet, the IEA’s Director of Research, Dr. John Kwakye, stated that any government that is not committed to this call for a review is not interested in fiscal discipline.

He said “Article 71 needs immediate review to trim the bloated salaries, allowances and other benefits of the stated office holders. Any Gov’t that is not committed to the review isn’t interested in fiscal discipline.”

His remarks come at a time when former President John Dramani Mahama has sparked debate over this Article by claiming that the government has only paid him GH230,000 in salary arrears and denies receiving GH14 million as ex gratia.

“The only payment made to me by the government, Accountant General, was my salary arrears of 230,000 cedis in 2013,” Mr Mahama stated. I’ll show you the [bank statement] first, and then we can call a group of you journalists if you want. Of course, I don’t want to publish my bank statement, but I can put it in front of you so you can go through all of the payments and see if there is a 14 million cedis payment. I did not receive such a payment.”

He admitted that he pays for his own water, electricity, rent, gas, medical care, and plane tickets.

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“I only receive my monthly pension, as did [former] President Kufuor and [late former] President Rawlings before he died.” “That’s all I have,” Mahama said.

“I pay my house and office’s electricity bill, as well as my house and office’s water bill.” Because I live in my own home, the government does not pay me for housing.

In an exclusive interview with TV3, Mahama called the claims made by the New Patriotic Party’s Bono Regional Chairman Kwame Baffoe alias Abronye DC “absolute lies.”

“That is a complete lie. He [Abronye DC] claims that 14 million cedis were paid into my ADB [Agricultural Development Bank] account in 2013. “I have my 2013 bank statement, and I will let you look through it to see if there are any 14 million payments,” Mahama said to Ghana Tonight host Alfred Ocansey.

“They haven’t given me an office; I rent an office in East Cantonments and pay the rent myself; I pay my own fuel because the State doesn’t provide it; I pay my own domestic staff; I pay my own medical bills, and I pay my own air tickets when I travel…”

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