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All unregistered SIM cards will be deactivated on Nov. 30

The Ministry of Communications and Digitalization has announced plans to deactivate all SIM cards that have yet to be registered by November 30, 2022.

In a statement issued on November 11, the Ministry warned that “all SIM cards that have completed the first stage of the registration exercise but have not completed the second phase will be blocked from accessing data services on November 20th, 2022, and completely deactivated on November 30th, 2022.”

According to the statement, it is part of the Ministry’s efforts to reduce SIM-related fraud incidents, which have decreased since the exercise began.

It also warned people not to use other people’s Ghana cards in the registration process, which they say is largely to blame for the large number of people who have linked their Ghana Card details to their SIM cards but are having difficulty capturing their biometric data.

“One key reason why some of those who have linked phone numbers to Ghana cards have been unable to complete the bio capture of stage two is that they linked their numbers using other people’s cards.” This includes vendors who used other people’s credit cards without their knowledge or consent. Their inability to complete phase two demonstrates the robustness of the SIM registration architecture’s authentication process. It will eliminate all forgeries. You cannot register your SIM using someone else’s Ghana card.”

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It was also revealed that 30,011,082 subscribers had completed the first stage of linking their Ghana Card to their SIM Number and 20,892,970 subscribers had completed the SIM card registration (linkage and biometric capture).


Source: Citinewsroom

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