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Aisha Huang’s case is dead on arrival- It’s an easy case

Aisha Huang’s case is dead on arrival- It’s an easy case
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How will prosecutors prove that Aisha Huang is involved in illegal small-scale mining (galamsey) if she was not apprehended on a galamsey site?

North Dayi lawmaker Rockson Nelson Dafeamekpor posed this rhetorical question on 3FM’s Sunrise show on Thursday, September 15.

In his opinion, Mr Nkrabeah Effah Dartey, the lawyer for Aisha Huang and the Chinese Nationals, who has also described this case as a minor matter that has been overhyped by the media, has an easy task in handling this case.

He added “Why is this matter prosecuted at the High Court? And a State Attorney must handle this issue. They would have been diligent and professional to handle this. ”

It should be noted that Andy Appiah-Kubi, Member of Parliament for Asante-Akim North, previously warned that the prosecution must gather watertight evidence in order to secure a conviction in the case against Aisha Huang.

Mr Appiah-Kubi stated that the judge should not be held accountable if the prosecution fails to provide incontrovertible evidence in court.

Speaking on Key Points on TV3 on Saturday, September 10, he explained that many stakeholders play a role in criminal prosecutions.

“There’s the investigator, the prosecutor, and then the Judge.” “The judge can only work on the evidence provided by the prosecution,” he said, urging the prosecutions to do their jobs properly.

Meanwhile, the Accra Circuit Court has remanded Aisha Huang and three others on trial for illegally engaging in small-scale mining without a licence.

On Wednesday, September 14, the four accused appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to the two charges of mining without a licence and engaging in the sale and purchase of minerals without a valid licence.

Effah Darteh, the defence lawyer, argued that all Ghanaians subject to the laws for which his clients are on trial are innocent until proven guilty.

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As a result, he asked the court, presided over by Justice Samuel Bright Appiah, to grant bail to all four accused.
He claims that the media has exaggerated the case and that his clients are prepared to post bail with surety.

However, the prosecution claims that the public interest in the case requires that the accused be remanded so that thorough investigations can continue.

According to the report, the accused, particularly Aisha Huang, has a history of deceiving people and fleeing the country.

After hearing both arguments, Justice Bright Appiah denied bail and remanded the accused in police custody.
They’ll be back on Tuesday, September 27.

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