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Aisha Huang has the intent of shielding guilty accomplices

Aisha Huang has the intent of shielding guilty accomplices

The Minority in Parliament has called the government’s attempts to shield top officials implicated in the Aisha Huang illegal mining case “embarrassing.”

According to the report, such individuals “involved in this cruel conspiracy against our republic” should have been fired and charged alongside the ‘galamsey’ queen.

A statement issued by Minority Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, stated all of the charges leveled against Aisha Huang so far are scanty, superficial, and narrow because there is a desire to protect guilty accomplices in high places.

“It is still a humongous mockery that all of Ghana’s security ministers are still in office.” When no one in authority is held accountable for this international disgrace and this grand scheme that has destroyed our environment and water bodies, the only logical conclusion is that national leadership, beginning with the Presidency, is complicit.

“It is also clear to us from concrete facts we have discovered that Aisha Huang’s charges are purposefully scanty, narrow, and superficial, with the obvious intention of protecting guilty accomplices in high places,” the statement said.

This comes after the Minority discovered that Aisha Huang has two different Chinese passports that she uses for her travels.

These two passports have different identities and birth dates, and she had been using them for her multiple trips to Togo until her recent re-arrest.

It claimed that these trips did not take place behind the backs of government and immigration officials.

“In other words, she did not enter and exit through unapproved routes, as the Ghanaian government’s jumbled narrative implies.”

“We have reached the firm conclusion that the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government should have been aware of her multiple trips between Ghana and Togo at a time when we were told she had been deported to China.”

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All of the stamps in Aisha Huang’s Chinese passport are genuine, according to the Minority’s own forensic analysis of Ghana Immigration Embarkation and Disembarkation Stamps.

This confirms their suspicions that top government officials were aware of her whereabouts and travels both within and outside the country.

“Our unequivocal investigations show that Aisha Huang physically presented herself to Ghana Immigration officials at the Aflao border on February 27, 2019, and on April 28, 2019.”

“Despite her changing names and different birth dates, it is strange that Aisha Huang’s biometrics did not raise an alarm at the Aflao border immigration post, given that her biometrics had previously been captured at numerous locations, including the Kotoka International Airport and the NIA.”

“Her well-stored details as contained in Ghana’s PISCES (Personal Identification Secured Certified Evaluation System) should have equally raised alarm if she didn’t have top collaborators within our security institutions,” the Minority contended.

Produce evidence

Samuel Jinapor, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, has challenged anyone with evidence of collusion by politically connected individuals in illegal mining to come forward and help expose the perpetrators.

Aisha Huang, the Chinese galamsey queen, was accused of using sex tapes to blackmail powerful politically connected individuals as part of her galamsey agenda.


However, Mr Jinapor believes that anyone with information about such tapes should bring it forward.

“If any Minister in President Akufo-or Addo’s John Mahama’s administration has gone to trade sex with galamsey, that person should not be sitting under air conditioning; that person should be in Nsawam,” he told journalists in Accra.

He claimed that gossip about government officials accused of galamsey could not be accepted because the government is focused on combating the illegal mining menace.

“You must bring them out…

When these things come to light, you must expose them. We can’t keep being in the realm of gossip, especially when we’re attempting to have serious government architecture.

“If a Chinese lady claims she has a sex tape of a minister or deputy minister, those tapes should be available the minute the allegation is made.” “People like you should go and find them,” he emphasized.

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