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Agric Ministry has begun sale of foodstuffs at low prices

Agric Ministry has begun sale of foodstuffs at low prices

Government employees can now purchase food directly from the Food and Agriculture Ministry, as the much-anticipated food market has finally opened.

According to the Ministry, the move is intended to cushion Ghanaians and mitigate the impact of rising food prices.

The first truckload from the farm gates arrived this morning, and they are already being prepared for potential customers.

JoyNews’ Richard Kwadwo Nyarko reported from the scene that only plantain is currently for sale.

He claims that a bunch of plantains is sold for a minimum of GH10 and a maximum of GH25.
“They opened this market around 9 a.m., and people have been pouring in to get their goods.” “And they [the Ministry] say they’re selling it to the local Civil Servants,” he added.

Mr. Nyarko also revealed that the Ministry has a well-defined procedure in place to ensure the safety of both customers and sellers.

“When you come in and identify the product you want, you are given a card.” You take that card to a table and pay with the card you were given earlier, and you are given a receipt.”

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Despite the Ministry’s claims that the foodstuffs are inexpensive, JoyNews spoke with customers who said there is no discernible difference between the prices at the Ministry and those sold at various Accra markets.


Source: myJoyOnline

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