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Adu-Boahen must be deposed – Metro Mass workers

Adu-Boahen must be deposed – Metro Mass workers

Mr. Albert Adu Boahen, Managing Director of Metro Mass Transport Limited, has been called out by the company’s senior and junior staff unions.

The members made the announcement in an interview after beginning their sit-down strike today, Tuesday, October 12, 2022, in protest of Mr. Adu Boahen and his two deputies’ incompetence.

The union bemoaned the poor working conditions and the detention of four executives from its leadership in four different branches of the country.

According to them, no staff has received full salary for the past five years, and management of the state transport company has also refused to pay their tier two and three pension scheme deductions, personal loans, and Cidan loan since 2018, totaling GHC350,000.00, while deductions are effected on their salaries.

Ayim Francis Gyampoah, the chairman of the Kumasi senior staff union and one of those arrested, stated that “they make deductions from our salaries since 2017, but the monies do not reflect at the loan, insurance, and pension schemes.”

“Because the audit manager also serves as the traffic operations officer, there is no proper and transparent accountability.” Who is watching the watchman? It is even illegal for one person to hold both of these positions. They are deputies in the traffic operations unit, and we have requested that the proper action be taken, but Management appears unconcerned,” he revealed.

He also stated that after twenty years of operation, the Metro Mass Transport Limited has no salary structure, no control over fuel usage, and that the company’s management uses its own discretion in the distribution of goodies.

“The company’s executives and management use fuel excessively with no control measures, and this is contributing to the company’s regress,” he lamented.

Off-camera, a transport company driver stated that their night journey allowances are not paid and that the monies they received as drivers on parcels have been taken over by management.

“Previously, monies charged on parcels belonged to drivers, but now the monies go to management while we get nothing as drivers,” the irritated driver explained. They promise to use the parcel money to provide us with assistance, but we receive nothing. We make over $5,000 per day on parcels but have nothing to show for it. Even our 20gh night driving allowance is not paid to us. We sometimes have to fight for what is rightfully ours.”

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“Adu-Boahen must be deposed.” He and his Accra colleagues are corrupt, and they make no effort to expand this company. Because of minor maintenance, a vehicle can be left parked for weeks. They give ladies preferential treatment, especially when it comes to charging parcels. “They are only contributing to the company’s demise, not to its efficiency,” he claims.

As a result, they demand the immediate removal of the company’s managing director, Albert Adu-Boahen, and his deputies, as well as the reconstitution of the company’s 9-member management team.

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