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Abdul Inusah: I’m innocent of fraud charges

Abdul Inusah: I’m innocent of fraud charges

Former MP’s son, who was convicted of money laundering, has stated that he is innocent and will be released soon.

“I’m innocent, and I’ll soon walk free.” – Response from Inusah Fuseini’s son concerning US fraud conviction.

The son of former Tamale Central MP Inusah Fuseini, Abdul Inusah, has protested his innocence in the face of allegations of fraud and money laundering in the US.

He expressed optimism that he would soon be a free man.

Since the news broke, he has claimed innocence of all charges brought against him in interviews with Accra-based Asaase Radio. He has also expressed concern about what he claims to be the partial reality that the Ghanaian public has accepted in his case.

“At this time, fighting my case and demonstrating my innocence to Ghanaians is not my top concern.

“My most pressing concern right now will be my family and friends who have been impacted by these half-truth publications, with the utmost respect because I don’t want to discredit anyone’s work.”

“But these are half-truths, and people’s lives in Ghana are being affected, especially my family and love ones.”

He apologized to his family and loved ones in Ghana and assured them of being innocent and hinted he’d be a free man soon.

The Department of Justice also stated that “other victims of the false personas included residents of Ohio and Florida.”

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Abdul was convicted for “his role in a Huntington-based scheme that defrauded individuals in multiple states through the use of false online personas”.

“The funds included $48,000 for back taxes on a non-existent gold inheritance in Ghana and $21,000 wired to Bitsav Supply LLC, a shell company established by Inusah.” Another false persona, ‘Grace,’ convinced a Washington resident to wire funds so that ‘Grace’ could keep her South African cocoa plantation and move to the US to marry the victim. Residents of Ohio and Florida were also victims of the false personas, according to the DoJ statement.

According to the Department of Justice, the jury found Inusah guilty of receiving stolen money, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and two counts of wire fraud. The wire fraud charges involve two $2,000 Zelle wire transfers to Inusah from funds obtained through the ‘Miarama.’



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