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A Ghanaian landlord blew Aisha Huang’s cover

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Aisha Huang, a Chinese ‘galamsey queen,’ is said to have blown her cover after returning to Ghana.

According to reports, she threatened the landlord with renting the house to another tenant even though her lease had not expired.

Michael Kwadwo Peprah, President of the Small Scale Miners Association, revealed this in an interview on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme on Wednesday.

When Miss Huang was deported, he explained, the landlord obtained a court order, removed her belongings from the house, and rented it to another Chinese national.

Mr Peprah, on the other hand, claimed that when she sneaked into the country, she felt cheated and resorted to threats.

He stated that the tenant, who felt his life was in danger along with the landlord’s, travelled to Accra to file a formal complaint with the police, which resulted in Miss Huang’s arrest.

However, the small-scale miner stated that the ‘galamsey queen’ would continue to live in Ghana and engage in her alleged illegal trade.

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Mr Peprah went on to say that the police were able to apprehend Ms Huang because the landlord is also a powerful person in Ghana.

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Source: JoyNews

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