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A Chief and his brother have been arrested for galamsey

A Chief and his brother have been arrested for galamsey
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The police have detained the Sefwi Elubo chief in the Western North Region for engaging in illegal mining.

Nana Anini Baffour was arrested on Friday, September 16 together with his brother, Kwadwo Affi.
They were detained after the police looked into a video of their actions.

In the video, it can be seen that some town compound homes have been damaged by unauthorized miners’ operations.

In a statement released on Saturday, September 17, the police stated, “Investigation has thus far uncovered dug-out pits from the compound leading to the bedroom of the chief’s brother.”

The police have discovered four additional deep dug-outs in other nearby homes.
Six additional people who are allegedly involved in the activity are being sought by police.

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The statement was released under the director of public affairs, chief superintendent Grace Akrofi-Ansah, and read, “Investigation has further revealed that the chief, his brother, and six other suspects who are on the run are the main people behind the illegal mining activities.”

According to the police’s statement, “all those involved will be brought to justice,” the public was reassured.

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