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5 died and 40 hospitalized after eating Waakye from an eatery in Oyibi

5 died and 40 hospitalized after eating Waakye from an eatery in Oyibi

Investigations are underway into the deaths of five Waakye customers and the hospitalisation of forty others at Bush Canteen junction in Oyibi, Greater Accra Region.

The tragic incident occurred on Friday, January 20, 2023, leaving residents in both shock and fear.

Yellow Sisi, the waakye vendor, and some of her family members who ate the food were hospitalised after experiencing severe stomach aches.

Among those who died after eating the popular Waakye were a pregnant woman and a lotto vendor.

The incident was so severe that the nearest health facility, Valley View Hospital, was reportedly overwhelmed by the number of people who were rushed to the centre for treatment, forcing some of the patients to seek treatment elsewhere.

It is still unknown what caused the poisoning.

Dr Esther Danquah of the Kpone Katamanso District Hospital confirmed the incident to the Daily Graphic, adding that further investigation was underway to elicit more information.

“As of now, some other people are still visiting the hospital, so we cannot provide specific data on the number of people affected or whether it was indeed a case of food poisoning until all of the necessary laboratory tests are completed,” she said.

According to the widow of one of the deceased men, her husband died on Monday, January 23 at St John’s Hospital in Amrahia after complaining of stomach ache and diarrhoea.

“He started complaining that Friday that he was not feeling well, but we thought it was a normal thing. “We rushed him to the hospital later when it became severe, but he did not survive,” the bereaved widow recalled.

The Yellow Sisi Waakye restaurant has been closed, and both the Oyibi Police and the Food and Drugs Authority are investigating the incident.

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