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Ghana: 44 fire outbreaks recorded on December 25th

Ghana: 44 fire outbreaks recorded on December 25th
The Ghana National Fire Service has expressed concern about an unexpected increase in fire outbreaks in the country, revealing that 44 cases were recorded on Christmas Day alone.

In a statement issued on December 26, the service urged the general public to exercise caution when dealing with fire or anything combustible in order to avoid avoidable fire outbreaks.

According to the statement, the Tema Region had the most fire outbreaks of the 44, followed by the Ashanti Region.

“On Christmas Day, the Service reported 44 fires across the country. There were 19 domestic fires, 9 commercial fires, 8 bushfires, 5 vehicular fires, 2 electrical installation fires, and one crown fire involving a coconut tree among the total number of fires reported. There were nine fires that started before they arrived.

“Tema Region had the most fires, with 11, followed by Ashanti Region with 6, and Accra Region with 5. The Upper East Region had the fewest fires. Fortunately, no casualties from the fire were reported. The Service responded to three (3) road crashes, two of which resulted in fatalities. “The Accra Region recorded two incidents out of the total, with one incident recorded in the Central Region,” according to the statement.

The GNFS lamented that, despite extensive public education across the country through various media, recent incidents show that Ghanaians are not taking fire education seriously.

“Management of GNFS finds the sudden rise in incidents very worrying despite the nationwide heightened awareness and sensitization campaigns through the various media.

“As a result, the Service encourages the general public to play a role in fire prevention by prioritizing their own safety through adherence to basic fire safety measures being rolled out by the Service across the country and making positive attitudinal changes toward fire management to reduce fires during this festive season and beyond,” the statement continued.

The service is thus urging the general public to be extra cautious by avoiding the burning of bushes and garbage, ensuring proper vehicle maintenance, avoiding the misuse of naked lights such as lit candles and mosquito coils, avoiding the misuse of LPG cooking apparatus, electricity and electrical appliances, unattended cooking in the kitchen, and other negative practices that largely cause fire outbreaks.


Source: Pulsegh

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