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3 Chinese nationals have been arrested for alleged murder

The Ghana Police Service has apprehended three Chinese nationals in connection with the alleged murder of a Ghanaian in Bonsa, Western Region.

According to the police, the suspects, Wen Jianhua, Yu Shuhui alias Eli, and Zhou Daquan, shot and killed the victim on November 11, 2022, at a mining site.

According to police, the deceased’s body was taken to the Tarkwa Municipal Hospital for preservation and autopsy.

“In accordance with our standard operating procedure and respect for Ghanaian tradition, the name of the deceased victim has been withheld until his family has been properly informed of his death,” police said in a statement.

According to the Ghana Police Service, a search at the suspects’ residence resulted in the recovery of the weapon allegedly used in the crime.

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“Investigation is ongoing, and the suspects will appear in court to face justice.”

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