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25 trafficked victims rescued and reunited with families

25 trafficked victims rescued and reunited with families

Engage Now, Africa and a number of institutions have rescued and reunited 25 trafficked children with their families in the Greater Accra Region’s Ada East District.

The Ada East District Ghana Police Service, the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU), the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Ghana Education Service Ada East, and the National Commission for Civic Education are among the institutions.

A Community Stakeholders Forum was also held (CSF).

CSF is an effective practical approach to educating communities about child trafficking and child labour in order to help them become aware of such issues.
According to information obtained by Engage Now Africa, the 25 children were trafficked from Ada East District to Ekye Amanfrom (Afram Plains), Akosombo, Akate, and Kpetoi (Island) for exploitation on the Volta Lake.

Mr. Afasi Komla, Director of End Modern Slavery (EMS), told the media after the mission that they acted quickly to rescue the victims after receiving a tip from a good Samaritan.

Mr. Afasi stated that his organisation has provided the 25 victims with educational and health needs, as well as providing their parents with Sustainable Livelihood Support so that they can care for their children.

He went on to say that they had been to various communities to rescue victims of human trafficking because “we are living in cases of modern slavery without even knowing that such practices still exist.”

He urged the public to be responsible citizens and to ensure that “no child labourers are employed.”

According to Mrs. Elizabeth Hammand-Agyeman, Ada East District Head of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), development begins with family unity, “and we must understand that government cannot do everything for us, so we must also be doing something to help ourselves and our children.”

She believes that planning the number of children one should have is the most effective way to avoid human trafficking.

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She stated that the government is also involved in childbearing, which is why “they build schools, hospitals, and other facilities to ensure that everyone has access to his or her basic needs.”

Mrs. Hammond-Agyeman advised the victims’ parents not to waste the money given to them, but rather to take good care of it and put it to good use.

A representative from the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit urged victims’ parents not to make their wards do tedious work because such requests are against the law and will result in legal action if they are found guilty.

She promised to give the victims her full support by protecting their lives.

An additional 29 victims have been identified, and efforts to rescue them are ongoing.

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