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2024 Elections: We’ll break the 8 and unseat Ayine

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Mathew Amoah, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidate for parliament in the Bolgatanga East Constituency, asserts that his party will undoubtedly defeat the incumbent NDC Member of Parliament for the district, Dr Dominic Ayine, and break the eight-vote barrier.

“We’re warning the NDC to sit up and take notice because we’re going to give them a run for their money.” If they’ve turned into rocks, the boys are in, and the party is back on. They (NDC) usually ride on our divisions, causing problems and fighting among ourselves, but we remain united and there is no longer camp A or camp B. We only have one camp, the NPP. They should prepare for us. “The NPP will give them a chase for their money in 2024,” he said.
He said this after distributing 16 registered motorcycles to all electoral areas in the constituency.

He stated that the gesture is intended to help the party communicate its accomplishments at the constituency and national levels, as well as canvass votes to keep the NPP in power and elect an NPP MP in the area in the 2024 general elections.

Mr Amoah stated at the ceremony at the party’s office in Zuarungu that the NPP was always united to fulfil the mission.

Mr. Amoah cited the NPP government’s pro-poor policies and the ongoing construction of an Agenda 111 hospital in Katanga as reasons for Ghanaians to renew the NPP’s mandate in 2024.

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He reiterated that the motorcycles will help members in the execution of party work and will significantly contribute to engaging citizens in the constituency in the government’s projects and programmes.

Mr Amoah promised that his organisation will provide the constituency with additional logistics and funds to ensure an effective operation and campaign to win the 2024 elections.


Asumbekere Karim Anagbila, Chairman of the Bolga East NPP Constituency, assured us that the party was united and working hard to end the incumbent’s eight-year reign.

Asumbekere Karim Anagbila, Chairman of the Bolga East NPP Constituency, assured us that the party was united and working hard to end the incumbent NDC MP’s eight-year tenure.
He was confident that the motorcycles would aid the party’s efforts to win the 2024 elections.

Mr Anagbila expressed confidence in the party’s readiness to take power in 2024 but pleaded for resources to carry out the herculean task.

Some electoral coordinators praised Mr Anagbila for his contributions to the party’s victory and urged other wealthy members of the party to follow suit.

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